As an artist, I have found that teaching is a natural extension of my aim to influence and inspire my audience. I enjoy engaging my students by introducing them to various elements of artistic expression, allowing them to develop skills that enable them to express themselves. As a teacher, it is my goal to inspire my students to become more sensitive to visual elements in their environments.

I introduce my students to the contrasts that exist in visual art – the conversation between line and forms, light and shadow, color, and texture. The students learn to proceed from basic to more detailed and complex forms in both drawing and color. As they learn to observe the visual more accurately, they progress as artists to draw from life with accuracy and confidence.


Riya has made an expressive dog portrait using good drawing and realistic light and shade values.

Ankita has made a beautiful shoe drawing by using her imagination, creativity and patterns.

Noah has created an expressive and imaginative drawing inspired by the work of Picasso. He has used a good drawing technique and beautiful line work.

Rupali has created this beautiful and realistic backpack drawing and has added her ideas and imagination to make it unique.

Aditi has created this loose, expressive drawing and has used dark and light values to make it more interesting.

Sarojini has made an imaginative and fun drawing by adding elements of her choice in this Halloween drawing.

Mikhail has made an expressive shoe drawing by working in a spontaneous, gestural and free manner.

Anirudh has made an expressive dog portrait and used beautiful color combinations in pastel.

Taabish has created this beautiful pastel landscape inspired by the artist Wolf Kahn. His good use of colors is adding a glow and vibrancy to the work.

Sakshi has made this beautiful drawing based on the festival of Diwali. She has used vibrant, close hued colors to denote warmth and light in this painting.

Shaurya has made an expressive pastel landscape using a good drawing and vibrant colors.

Evelyn has made this expressive still life with the use of beautiful line work and intense colors.

Saimahesh has created a beautiful, loose and expressive landscape inspired by the work of Van Gogh. His loose and spontaneous brush strokes along with good color choices make this work very interesting.

Sai has created this pastel drawing based on the theme of Halloween. He has made a good drawing and used colors in a simple way.

Rohan has made an expressive pastel drawing by working loosely and using intense colors.

Faraz has made an intense and beautiful still life of an apple. He has made a good drawing and has made use of  both the dark and light colors to make it realistic.

Athish has made a creative and expressive drawing by using vibrant color combinations and patterns.

Laxsmann has made an expressive pastel drawing by working loose, spontaneously and adding vibrant colors.


Online Soft Pastel Classes for kids with Learning Differences

Date and Time: : Thursday 5 pm eastern time

Description: In these classes, I am introducing the medium of soft pastel to kids of different ages. It is a step by step drawing class in which we are learning the pastel techniques of applying color in layers and how to blend them. A variety of subject matter is being explored including still life, landscape, floral and abstract.

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